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See Through Zip Pouch (Vinyl) Different Fabric Options

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Get your hands on a couple of these MULTI PURPOSE, VINYL, SEE THROUGH ZIP POUCHES!

The perfect accessory for travelling ANYWHERE! As a wet-bag for the beach, a handy pouch for storing snacks in your bag. Perfectly sized for puzzle pieces, small toys, Lego! Just think of all the things that this bag can be used for!

These pouches are NOT waterproof, but will keep small spills contained for a small amount of time.

Approximate size - 8 inches in height, 10 inches in length and squared bottom is approx. 3-4 inches in depth. The squared bottom allows the pouch to stand alone and adds room to the bag.

More colours & patterns coming soon! Working through my HUGE stash of scraps and these are a great way for me to use the little bits from other projects!

Made from plastic vinyl and 100% quilting cotton.

Zipper colour may vary with each pouch.

Hand wash in warm water, air dry.

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