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Purple Plaid Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket! (Flannel)

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Purple is a favourite colour for many! I had a hard time finding a "purple" plaid that I thought would work well for the infinity scarves! This one caught my eye! And I think you guys are going to LOVE it! Both hidden pocket colour options are featured.

The true wording for this colour is "Aubergine"! But I am going to stick with purple! I love the hint of purple/blue that is woven through out the check! So pretty!

Made from WOVEN FLANNEL! Woven flannel, features strands that are individually dyed and woven together to make the fabric pattern! This makes the flannel less prone to fading and gives it more durability!

Some of the more traditional flannels are woven and then dyed on one side, which makes the fabric a little cheaper and it can be a little more stiff and not quite as snuggly!

See drop Down Menu for your choice of Hidden Pocket colours!

Hidden pocket is perfectly sized to hold your phone, car keys, debit cards, scrunchies and your lip balm!

Made to order so please allow 3-5 business days to pick up or ship.

100% cotton flannel.

Some shrinkage may happen, so please WASH in COLD WATER on GENTLE CYCLE and AIR DRY to minimize shrinkage!

Iron if necessary!

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