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Leopard Print Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket (Knit)

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Leopard Print Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket
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An Absolutely Stunning Piece!

An off white background fabric with large leopard spots! Black varied spots with a lighter brown center! Imagine all the items in your wardrobe that this piece will look AMAZING with!

A lighter weight knit, this will add warmth, but not too much weight... great for spring, early summer and fall.

One of the most versatile scarves you will find! Each scarf has a hidden pocket within the seam. Large enough for debit/credit cards, phone, keys, scrunchies! So many options! Perfect for anyone who is not a fan of the purse!!!

Made from 95% cotton 5% spandex blend fabric. Pocket is made from 100% cotton.

Your choice of knit fabric for scarf and also choose from several options of 100% cotton fabric for your hidden pocket. Each piece is custom made when ordered!

Item ships within 2-3 business days.

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