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Gold Bees Essential Oil Pouch

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Solid black background fabric with beautiful gold printed bees! The inside is a surprise... metallic gold on the lining with matching bee fabric for the pockets! A timeless look and feel!

Pockets along the inside will hold 8 of the 15 ml e/o bottles, make up or any other goodies you can put in it.

A great addition to your purse, dresser or right beside your diffuser with all your oils in it! Can also hold pencils, pens, nail polish, make up... soo many options! Everyone loves a versatile and cute bag!

Made from 100% cotton fabrics, 100% polyester batting and lining.

PLEASE NOTE: Inside fabric and zipper colour may vary from what is pictured.This angled pouch has 4 pockets per side to put all your goodies in! I did intentionally make these to hold Essential Oils, but I accidentally cut them a tad too small... so pocket pouches they are! They will still hold approximately 8 of the 10ml oil bottles along with make up, nail polish & much more!

There are soo many things that this superstar can be used for! Pencil case, medical case, first aid kit, make up! Like I said, lots of options!

Made from 100% quality, quilting cotton... 100% polyester batting.

Spot clean with warm water.

Freshen up with hot iron and steam.

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