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About The Plaid Cow 

Hi! I'm Amy. 


I have a confession!


This obsession with fabric started in my early twenties!

I accidentally started quilting! Haha!
And here we are 25 years later (a big pause in this time to raise kids & work)... and I am SO LUCKY TO NOW have this GLORIFIED SEWING ROOM in Downtown Perth! 

I am so thrilled you are here, with me, on this journey! 

This "side" of the story started a few years ago, after we had moved to the Perth area! Our family moved right into a diary farm and milked cows for several years!  

As the kids got older I realized my passion for quilting, sewing and beautiful fabric was stronger than ever! So out came the sewing machine and Xmas gifts got made for all my family that holiday season!   

So a few years ago, the beginning of The Plaid Cow started!

Now here we are 4 years later and I am LUCKY to have a shop to call my own!

It's basically a giant sewing room and I LOVE IT! 

Can't wait for you to visit! 

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